Lauren SnookAdam PrumSandy GarciaElizabeth SandovalWilliam RamirezRichana Mey

Living Arts Long Beach was initiated by United Cambodian Community, directed by Sayon Syprasoeuth as the teaching artist that introduce students from local high school and throughout Long Beach to be engaged in the arts through a hands-on project and immersion art-making. Students are taught through various outlets, from guest artists at various locations where the artist’s studio or facility may be. Some of our guest artist are from painters, printmaker to movie directors.

The guest artist talk about their work and give brief overview of their artistic path on how they got to be.

The Living Arts Collectives! Are groups of students that banded together to continue to make and promote art, facilitate projects by working together to enhance and learn new skills by supporting, researching and development new opportunities for everyone in the group.  This keep the Collectives focus and engage in the creative field by encouraging each other to keep producing and making art.